What my clients say about me

“This has been great fun! It was very interesting to analyze my own thoughts to such an extent, and I learned a great deal about myself, my personality, and my strength and weaknesses because of it. The fact that I was coached interactively online gave me more time to properly think through each section, which I believe resulted in more genuine insights. My coach, Dr Clara Seeger was great, and seemed to genuinely care about my progress. I will definitely recommend you! The coaching experience has resulted in me embracing the idea of working more on a self employed / project basis. Together, we set a long term goal, made a business plan, and created a system which will help me stay focused and on track… and it works, I have already finished off one project, and I am currently working on a new exciting project.”
Hakan, London.

“Clara is an inspirational coach and trainer with high integrity. She is extremely supportive, kind, reliable, fun, professional and very bright! On top of all this, she has a unique serenity about her, which encourages the people that she trains to ‘glow’ and achieve more. Clara was one of the first coaches that I met from Results Coaching Systems and helped to make my decision that training with them was for me. I am extremely lucky that Clara was one of my original trainers. She has been essential in developing my coaching skills and I benefited from her warm and understanding approach. Clara has since always supported and encouraged me in attending my many types of events for coaches. Thank you!”
Rachel Bamber,
Owner of Brighter Thinking, Assessor, CDC, Mentor, Trainer at Results Coaching Systems

“I really enjoyed the coaching process and gained a lot of clarity. I never expected to get as much out of our sessions as I did.”
Richard S.
Chief Technical Officer,
Consumer Services company

“I felt very comfortable opening up to you about all these confidential internal issues. You’re very different from other coaches I’ve met and very engaging.”
Alan T.
Chief Marketing Officer,
Consumer Services company

“I felt very relaxed and as if you were in the room with me. I made the right choice to take you on as my coach.”
Ian W.
NHS Direct

“Thank you so much, the coaching was very good. I gained a major insight through our work together which is a turning point in my career for me: I realise that I do not want to go for a pure management position after all as I would be very reluctant to lose the proximity to the real action of our business.”
Nick W.
Director of Products
Consumer Services company

“This has been a life-changing process and I’m over the moon to have achieved my goal of redefining my current role.”
Tracie L.
Customer Service Manager
Retail company

“I’m starting to like this! It’s fun! It really makes me think. I like the way we’re digging deeper and deeper. I think this could prove to be very useful for me in the end.”

“Clara is an excellent coach and very generous in all her encouragement. Great presence.”

“Clara, it’s been a privilege and delight to work with you over the last few months. You taught me so much as a coach. You are extremely insightful and have managed to make things clear to me on many occasions. You are always generous, friendly and kind in everything you do and say. Thank you for your tenacity and professionalism in helping me become a more confident and successful manager.”

“Thanks for the honesty you demonstrated since the beginning”
“Wonderfully helpful to us all”

“Supportive, approachable and reliable”

“I admire your practical and direct approach”

“Very caring”

“You are very generous”

“You bring a really fresh, honest feeling to the training – as though your own sense of wonder is still new and shiny.”

“Thanks so much for your invaluable support and insights!”

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