During my years of working in Investment Banking and the ten years I have been working as an Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer I have come across countless disenchanted finance professionals who have lost their sense of purpose and meaning. In my experience, many finance professionals have resigned themselves to a perceived incompatibility of money and meaning and find it virtually impossible to combine the two. 

Investing in Meaning is a bespoke coaching and training solution based on improving performance through increasing finance professionals’ sense of meaning at work.

At a time when companies are increasingly facing up to the necessity and their responsibility to serve aims beyond financial performance alone, Investing in Meaning kick starts this process by empowering finance professionals to connect with their personal sense of meaning.

‘Establishing a culture of purpose is important to a company’s entire stakeholder universe. For successful organizations, creating meaningful impact beyond financial performance is becoming he new normal… a business imperative.” (“Culture of purpose: A business imperative”, Deloitte 2013 core beliefs & culture survey)

The programme is based on my recent book, Investing in Meaning, and loosely draws on Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, a humanistic psychotherapy approach based on the central notion of meaning. It also has a scientific underpinning in neuroscience, which ensures the maximum effectiveness of its approach.

The approach is brain-based, building on findings from neuroscience to ensure optimal learning and maximum effectiveness of each intervention. It also draws on the framework of the Emotional Capital Report, a psychometric tool for assessing and developing emotional intelligence in leaders.

Investing in Meaning has been created with the needs and challenges of people working in the financial sector in mind. Neuroscience has shown that chronically high stress levels, multi-tasking, lack of autonomy and extreme uncertainty take their toll on the optimal working of the brain’s executive functions and can even lead to permanent damage of some of the brain’s structures. It is therefore paramount for finance professionals to counteract the in-built stresses and strains of their job with a brain-friendly approach that is empowering and meaningful on an individual basis. Rather than just aiming at minimising such mental threats finance professionals will learn how to maximise the emotional, physical, mental, motivational and performance-related rewards of a meaning-centric approach.

  • If you are a disenchanted or demoralized finance professional lacking meaning in your work
  • or
  • If you are a frustrated HR director who is under pressure to keep motivating their teams year after year

… then book your Investing in Meaning session now, which will help you achieve:

  • Stronger employee engagement through goal alignment
  • Better performance through increased autonomy, motivation and commitment
  • Increased productivity through awareness of how the brain works
  • Higher job satisfaction through cultivation of optimism
  • Better talent retainment through increased sense of autonomy
  • Creation of a “culture of purpose” from the bottom up through employees’ increased sense of meaning



For Finance Professionals:

Investing in Meaning can also be delivered purely by One-to-one coaching, tailored to your specific needs and designed to fit around your schedule and budget.  A fortnightly schedule tends to work well for busy bankers.

The following packages are available for one-to-one sessions:

  • A package of six sessions
  • A package of twelve sessions
  • Ad hoc troubleshooting sessions

Please call me directly on 07884 111 482 to discuss.

For Financial Institutions:

The training is modular and will be customized according to your (individual) company’s needs. It can be delivered as a total package consisting of the six modules outlined below or as stand-alone modules. Each module can be delivered as a 3-hour workshop or a 90-min taster session. There will be practice assignments to embed the learning between modules, if applicable.

Follow-up coaching after or in between modules can also be provided to support the learning, if desired.



The optimal structure and sequence of modules looks as follows but each module also works on a stand-alone basis:

  • The Neuroscience of a Coaching Approach to Development
  • Goal alignment and the neuroscience of goal-setting
  • Choosing your attitude and the neuroscience of autonomy
  • Facilitating insight and the neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Action-Setting and the neuroscience of habits
  • Cultivating Optimism and the neuroscience of positive thinking

If you would like to find out more about how this programme can benefit the leaders within your organization or if you would like to book a taster session please contact me at

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