Investing in Meaning
Completely Novel
December 2012

While taking you on a personal journey of discovery of how to increase your experience of meaning at work and in life in general, supported by practical exercises at the end of each section, each chapter also draws on findings from neuroscience, which explain in laymen’s terms the scientific underpinnings of my approach.


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The Neuroscience of Money & Meaning in Banking 
Training Journal
May 2012

A new field has emerged within the ever more influential neuroscience arena: the study of NeuroLeadership – the discipline exploring the application of neuroscience to leadership. One of my key insights from completing a Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership is on the importance of the social brain.


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Why Bankers are in Danger of Arousing their Primitive Minds & How to Deal with It
January 2012

Bankers today are exposed to more risks, uncertainties and pressures than ever. In the human brain, this elicits a threat response, a permanent state of fight or flight. Executive Coaching alleviates many of the pressures faced by bankers in today’s difficult economy.



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A Job Specification Based on the Ideal Brain for a Person Working in Investment Banking
April 2012

Person spec based on research from neuroscience about decision-making, attention, memory and learning – all being key components of performance.



Biography, Historiography, and the Philosophy of History in Hermann Hesse’s Die Morgenlandfahrt and Das Glasperlenspiel
Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz, Akademischer Verlag Stuttgart

This thesis examines the complex relationship between Hermann Hesse’s conceptions of biography, historiography, and the philosophy of history in his last two novels, Die Morgenlandfahrt and Das Glasperlenspiel. A parallel is drawn between Hesse’s conception of individual life and his depiction of general history as both revolve around the idea of meaning.

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