Investing in Meaining Workshop

Money & Meaning Workshop

How to Get one Step Closer towards Resolving the Conflict
Between Money and Meaning within the Finance Profession

A one-day bespoke session specifically created for the challenges Finance Professionals face. Discover how you and your teams can be more productive, whist being able to work fewer hours.

This workshop is for your organisation if your staff is:

  • Spending too much time on day to day fire fighting rather than strategic planning
  • In desperate need of re-injecting control, enthusiasm and efficiency into their work
  • Suffering from a Blackberry addiction and are unable ever to switch it off

In this workshop delegates will learn the 3 essential skills and techniques to help them:

  • Reconcile their personal goals with their business objectives
  • Identify what is holding them back from achieving their targets
  • Manage people to unlock their potential by following Six Steps To Transforming Performance
  • Optimise team performance through three simple communication principles
  • Delegate effectively by using a structured process
  • Facilitate sustainable change through a learning-oriented feedback model
  • Increase their productivity by applying neuroscientific insights
  • Manage their time more efficiently to put an end to working at weekends and late nights in the office
  • Achieve greater job satisfaction by uncovering the deeper meaning of their work

Delegates will produce a measurable working goal to support their current business objectives as well as a series of action points to implement in the weeks following the workshop. To ensure effective implementation and kick-start sustainable change this workshop package therefore includes the following support services:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to enable bespoke content
  • Post-session report
  • 4- week email support
  • Follow-up phone calls

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