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Are you a Finance Professional desperate to inject more meaning into your or your team’s work while skyrocketing your productivity?

Investing in Meaning is a bespoke coaching and training solution for Finance Professionals, based on improving performance through increasing your sense of meaning at work. The programme is based on my recent book, Investing in Meaning.

At a time when companies are increasingly facing up to the necessity and their responsibility to serve aims beyond financial performance alone, Investing in Meaning kick starts this process by empowering you to connect with your personal sense of meaning.

Investing in Meaning can help you if:

  • Your performance is suffering because you are fire fighting rather than focusing on your vision and your strategic plan
  • Your productivity is compromised because you are working against your brain rather than with it
  • Your job satisfaction has hit rock bottom because you have lost your sense of purpose
  • Your effectiveness is impaired because you are bombarded by constant demands on your attention
  • Your well-being is diminished due to constant negative newsflow or feedback
  • Your family or social life is neglected because your work-life balance is out of sync

Or have you simply forgotten why you are doing your job other than to earn an income?

Investing in Meaning can help you resolve the conflict between money & meaning and radically transform your performance.

If you would like to find out more about how Investing in Meaning programme can benefit you and the leaders within your organisation book your complimentary 90-min taster session or contact me at

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